Machine features :

■  The machine has German heritage with its design enspired by the industry leading FINZER model , having  a characteristic of interchangeable mold installation size .

■  The machine is most suitable for the processing of small precision metal parts .

■The front forming can be used to process the complex steel wire shaped parts


The main feature of this machine is its ability to dessect a complex stamping and bending workpiece into elementary process such as stamping , bending , tapping and welding , as well as simplifying complex bending into multiple simple bending steps . The stamping direction of each bending slider can be selected freely within 360 degrees on the machine . Depending on the process requirements , material can be feed in laterally or horizontally into the machine. The camshaft also has ejection (mold or stamping ) ability . As such , the machine's processing scope is wide , and has ability to produce workpieces that pose challenges for traditional stamping or multi-station transfer press machines


Technical Data

Feederfeeding  length(mm)200
feeding accuracy(mm)0.01
PressPunch  Capacity(KN)80
Bend Capacity (KN)11
MachineSize  L×W×H(mm)  1500  x 910 x 1740
Process  SpeedRPM0-150

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