Overview : The unique cam-free androcker-free design , individually controlled by many servo motors , can producea variety of special-shaped spring , compression spring , double torsion spring, battery spring , flat spring (clock spring ) and various wires molding andothers .Precision accurate , debug machine quickly , stable and reliable .

Function &Features :

Ⅰ.cam-free androcker-free design (debug machine speed is more than 50% than traditional cammachine production speed quickly  accurate positioning , stable operation ).

Ⅱ. The whole rollingguide can keep accuracy for long-term.

Ⅲ.No cam impact machineand generate heat , composite tools to complete all processes , low of toolwear.

Ⅳ. Intelligent modules ,can automatic detection and alarm .

Ⅴ. Windows operating ,shown in Chinese and English , easy to use.

Ⅵ. It is originalcreation in the domestic to use camera for take pictures to detect , and canautomatically correct function , to better improve the precision of the machine.

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Technical parameters

Wire diameter  1.2-4.5mm
Max wire feed instruction value10000.00mm
Min wire feed instruction value0.01mm
Max. wire feed speed100m/min
Max. wire feed lengthInfinite length
Axles number12 axles
Total output power of servo motor24000W
input voltage380V
Program data storageMore than 2000 pcs
Pneumatic system (pressure)5-6KG/cm
Pneumatic system (Probe)3 pcs 
Machine sizes2200x2200x2200mm
Machine weight3800KG