Ⅰ. 12 groups of servo motorindependently control 8 stations , core switching , wire feed , convolution ,wire switching , debug machine quickly (more than 50 % faster than cam machines, and more than 10 %  than similar products).

Ⅱ. The direct drive wayof servo motor and high precision planetary reducer to ensures to thathigh-precision, long life, high stability, and to overcome the low stability shortcomingsof other transmission way.

Ⅲ .Toolholderuses parallel twin rail slider , and has high-speed lateral; movement toolholder , more flexible debug machine . 

Ⅳ .The unique eccentricshaft double-ended support, to production of large diameter spring more stableand strong.

Ⅴ. High-precision wirefeed gear box manufacturing process , full gear transmission wire-switchingstructure speed quickly and more stable.

Ⅵ. The arm-station can360-degree rotation . strong wires moldings ability.Ⅶ.Wire range of applications . suitable for production of various special-shapedsprings, paper clips , extension spring , compression spring , torsion spring ,flat spring , spring coiling and others.


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Technical parameters

Wire diameter  1.5-5.0mm
Max wire feed instruction value10000.00mm
Min wire feed instruction value0.01mm
Max. wire feed speed80m/min
Max. wire feed lengthInfinite length
Axles number12 axles
Total output power of servo motor32.4KW
input voltage380V
Program data storageMore than 2000 pcs
Pneumatic system (pressure)5-6KG/cm
Pneumatic system (Probe)3 pcs 
Machine sizes2400x2200x2200mm
Machine weight4100KG