Mechanical characteristics and functions :


Ⅰ. To use of Taiwan imported computer control system and imported servo motor .


Ⅱ the computer is Chinese and English interface , easy to operation, accurate positioning , the computer can control three to eight servo motors , all can be synchronized or run separately .


Ⅲ. The product has a precision detection tracking device , it can automatically shut down if find a substandard product .


Ⅳ The parameters such as outside diameter and angle can be modified at any moment according to the working status displayed on the screen .


Ⅴ. The mechanical automatic lubricating oil supply design , to ensure the equipment movement for a long time .


Ⅵ. When it has wireless , broken , wrapped wire , automatic shutdown design and wire frame automatic function to make production more easily and efficiently .


Ⅷ. The product applicable to the production of twins torsional spring , straight shape spring , pagoda spring , tension spring , rectangular spring , wire molding , steel coil spring , clock spring and various special-shaped springs . complex and difficult springs .

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Technical parameters

Model No. CNC-645A
Wire diameter of coiled material  Ф1.5-Ф4.5mm( iron wire Ф1.5-Ф6.0mm)
 Max. outside diameter of coiled spring MaxФ110mm
Wire feed instruction value ±0.01-±9999.99
Max. wire feeding speed 0-80m/min
Cam instruction value ±0.10°-±359.9°
Cam rotation speed 1-60RPM
Wire feeding servo motor5.5KW
Cam servo motor 5.5KW
Core-switching servo motor 1.5KW
Wire switching servo motor 2.9KW
Power supply 380V±10%V50HZ
Size 1800X1700X2100mm
Weight 3800KG