Outer diameter axis


With the German single-axis control mode technology, the two curve gauges advance and retreat at the same time. The whole machine adopts imported linear guide rails to ensure the precision of operation, reduce mechanical friction, easy to operate and reduce the frequency of faults.


Cable box

The speed reducer is used to reduce the gear friction and ensure the stability of the transmission link.


Mandrel and cutter: It adopts servo and corner reducer to make the mandrel automatically lift or cut the straight line, changing the traditional pneumatic principle core pulling mode, and can adjust the position of the mandrel arbitrarily. The core bar cutter has an integrated structure, the cutter can be cut straight, and the upper and lower cutters are integrated into a plurality of cutter modes.




Reducer: The motor and the reducer are tightly matched or disc-connected to ensure the motor transmission accuracy and avoid the impact of the motor. Guaranteed low speed and high speed products.




Axis 1: Upper cutter Axis 2: Lower cutter Axis 3: Pitch Axis 4: Mandrel lift Axis 5: Mandrel in and out Shaft 6: Outer diameter axis 7: wire feeding axis


Wire Dia.0.5-2.0MM
Max. wire feeding value10000.00MM
Min. wire feeding value0.01MM
Max. wire feeding speed100M/min
Max. wire feeding lengthinfinite
Axis number7 aixs
Total output power of servo  motors7.95KW
Input power supply380V AC±10 38KW 3P 50HZ
Control systemMade in Taiwan
Program storage2000 Plus
Compressor air pressure5-6KG/Cm
Probe Number3 pcs
Overall length1350MM
Overall width800MM
Overall height1800MM
Net weight1000KGS

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